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March '11: Paper at ICAPS
June '10: Paper at CP
July '09: Paper at SPARK
May '09: Paper in J. of Scheduling


Email: roman@4c.ucc.ie
Office: +353-21-420 5965
Fax: +353-21-420 5369
Mobile: +353-83-33 48084
Address:2-60, Floor 2
Cork Constraint
    Computation Centre
Western Gateway
University College Cork
Cork, Ireland

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I'm a post-doctoral researcher at the Cork Constraint Computation Centre, part of University College Cork.

Research Interests

My work focuses on advanced planning and scheduling techniques, mostly aimed at the manufacturing industry, but more recently also in the financial sector. Other research interests include distributed (agent-based) problem solving, in particular for dynamic problems. Furthermore, the application of constraint-based reasoning techniques on planning (and vice versa) and the application of Artificial Intelligence in general on (computer) games have my interest.

You can find a list of papers that I've written or co-authored here.

I have been / am on the Programme Committees of:

Erdős Number

I have an Erdős Number at most 4:

Me → Cees Witteveen → Han La Poutré → Jack van Lint → Paul Erdős

Other Interests

I have been an avid boardgamer for over half my life now. I keep track of my collection of games on the BoardGameGeek website.

Also, I've recently come across the Geograph British Isles Project, which aims to collect photographs for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland. I've been using it as an excuse to explore my local area, and you can find the results of that on my profile page.