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CSP Lab (in Lisp)

  CSP Lab (in Lisp) created by Patrick Prosser. There is also a Scheme version . Algorithms include bt, bm, bj, cbj, fc, fc-cbj, and mac.

CSPLib v2.1

  A benchmark library for constraints compiled by Toby Walsh, Ian Gent and Bart Selman.

Forced Satisfiable CSP Benchmarks

  All benchmarks are forced to be satisfiable with a planted solution (Ke Xu).


  OR-Library of test data sets (Imperial College, J.E. Beasley)

Planning and Scheduling Benchmarks

  Planning and Scheduling Benchmarks (Barry Fox, Mark Ringer)

Radar Surveillance Problems

  Covering-type pseudo-Boolean (0-1 integer) problems (Seif Haridi, Per Brand (SICS), J.P. Walser (University of Saarbruecken))

The Mystery Shopper

  The Mystery Shopper benchmark was developed by Jimmy Ho Man Lee and introduced at CP'96.

The "Secretary's Nightmare" Scheduling Problem

  CAIA-94 , the workshop on Coordinated Design and Planning, March 1994, introduced the "secretary's nightmare" scheduling problem.

The Progressive Party Problem

  A collection of variations of Smith's problem in pseduo-Boolean (0-1 integer) encoding (maintained by J.P. Walser, University of Saarbruecken).